damn..up the Yangtze seems so relevant now, esp regarding yueyue incident. there’s all these country side folks who had to MOVE and now have to adapt to the city. not saying it’s an excuse..but it makes sense.

"The real problem, as it says in this article, is the influx of migrant workers into the cities, disrupting old established communities. As the old communities break down so does the moral sensibility connecting all the individuals and one can only expect that to return when a new community, based upon the new population, is formed. That new sense of community is already arising because these dirt poor migrant workers’ situation is now being recognised by the public eye, whereas before they would have been totally invisible. China would only have lost its humanity if no outcry had occurred after this appalling event and the West would have had to be the sense of humanity for China as well as for itself, which it desperately seems to want to be.”
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